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Teen Room Decor

Teen room decor always makes most of us unsure. The changing choice of today’s teenagers are quite difficult to understand. Though there are variety of ideas to explore, putting it all together can be fun as well as challenging. But in this section we will make this challenge a fun element and give your teen girl’s room or teenage boy’s room a complete new decor.

Teen Wall Colors

Giving a fresh paint of color can make a lot of difference in any teenage room decor. If you are selecting colors for teen girl’s room then shades of blue or silvery pink go very well. One can also try painting the trim in a shade darker of the same color. Your girl will sure have lot of accessories that she would love to adorn the walls with. Otherwise try out the flea markets for some unusual stuff.

If you are selecting wall color for a teenager boy then go for deep or vibrant color. Blues and purple go well for teen boy room decor. Have the furniture in light colors or white to bring out the best in the teen room decoration.

Teenager Wall Art

For teenagers wall art generally comprises of different kinds of posters of their choice. Boys are sure to have some wall murals as well in sports themes like surfing, snowboarding or even scoreboards. Other than that different teen accessories like an embellished lampshade or bean bags and rugs give a complete look to the room.

Teenage Room Bedding

Bedding is very important in a teen room decor. To begin with how about removing the ruffles and the lace with some tasteful velvet and satin fabrics. Keep the color choice of your teen girl or boy in mind. One can also try out different animal prints that is easily available in a variety of textures, colors and prints. However if your teen bedroom decoration is based on a theme then select the teen room bedding accordingly. Other than this denim is a popular choice for teen bedroom bedding. One important thing to keep in mind while decorating a teenager’s room is to keep one portion of the room for studying. A comfortable chair and study table is a must have in a teenager’s room.

Teen Room Furniture

Teenager room furniture plays a very major role in decorating a teen’s room. To give a fresh look to the furniture go for a light colored paint. For a matured look to the storage pieces, try painting them in the same color as the wall and team it up with some accent lighting. If your boy’s room has a full size bed but with a kiddish look then try giving a new headboard to it and make it look all matured. And last but not the least, rearrange the furniture to give a new look to the room decorations.

Quick Teen Room Decor Tips

Keeping in mind that your kid is on the verge of maturity, here are some tips to help you decorate your teenager’s room in a budget.
  • Shuffle more and change less. The taste of your teen boy or girl is going to change very fast. So try to re-arrange furniture rather than purchasing altogether new sets.
  • Keep lot of storage as a growing kid needs place for his books and other accessories.
  • Always keep the privacy of your teen in the mind as very soon he is going to be very touchy about it.
There are endless possibilities for decorating a teenager’s room. So try out these great ideas for teen room decor and become your kid’s friend once more.

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