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Vastu for Home

Vastu is a science combing the five elements of nature and the direction that provides the correct combination for it. Vaastu Shastra is all about creating an agreeable place to live in. The five elements that are talked about in Vastu are known as “Paanchbhootas” of nature and they together inspire health, wealth, prosperity and happiness in life. These five elements are Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space. Whenever the Vastu for home is planned, all these elements are kept in mind along with the right directions for them. Now let’s look closely how these five elements of nature are important for making our homes peaceful and happy and what’s the correct direction for each one of them.

Directions in Vaastu Shastra

vaastu directions
Directions play an important role in Vastu for home. Let’s take a look at the different directions in Vaastu and what is its significance.

North-East: this side is ruled by the God itself. Therefore this is one of the most important directions in Vaastu and should be kept clean and approachable by all.

East: east side is known as the giver of pleasure. It is from this side that happiness is going to come to your homes. Also the East is where the sun rises indicating life and health. So for the flourishing health of each member of the family, keep your east side strong.

South East: this direction is ruled by the fire and hence has an abundance of energy in it.

South: this is where the God of death resides.

South-West: this is where the Putna demoness resides.

West: the God of ocean, Varuna, rules the west direction according to Vastu.

North-West: this is the direction for air/wind. This is the most significant direction for all types of objects that require any kind of movement.

North: this side is the home for the God of wealth.

Balancing the Five Elements of Vastu

vaastu five elements
As we have understood the significance of each of the home Vastu directions, now let’s understand how to strike the right balance for each of these directions. Vastu for home is bringing together a perfect balance for every direction and corner in the house.
  • In the southwest direction, balance the earth element by putting plants. Plants have the capacity to absorb all kinds of negative elements and help in cleaning the environment. Other than plants, another important way of balancing the south west side is by placing all the heavier of the home in this direction. As you place the heavier elements in this direction you will be able to build a supportive and energetic level for your home.

  • For the northeast direction, placing a fountain is the best option according to Vastu. A fountain will purify the home environment and also give a liver spirit to the north east section of the house.

  • As known south east direction is ruled by the fire element and should be balanced by using a full range of lighting for the entire home. Keep sufficient lighting especially in this corner. A balance of the fire element will improve the health of the entire family as well.

  • To balance the air element in the northwest side of the house, simply open windows of the house for sometime in the morning. Let there be the circulation of fresh air in the house. You will find the relationships in the family improving when the air element is balanced.

  • Finally to balance the space element, keep your house clean from all type of clutter and debris. Get rid of all the things that you don’t require, giving space for the new additions to the home.
As you finally strike the balance between the five elements of nature along with the different directions you will usher in all positive energy and give the universe a complete and whole picture. So take these simple steps and make your home comfortable, happy and inviting.

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