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    Dreamhomedecors > Vaastu For Home >Vaastu for Children Room

Vastu for Children Room

Vastu is an ancient architectural science of India. It is based on the five elements and the appropriate direction for its usage. In this section we will look closely for the correct Vastu for the children room. Children act as the future of the household and hence the children’s room should be in a place that strengthen them and gives them a mental stability that is required.

According to Vastu, the kid bedroom should be in the northwest and southeast corners of the house. Avoid the southwest direction at all cost. Although one can also go for northeast direction of the house. These two directions of the house will give stability of the mind to the children.

Other than these corners, in general the west, north and east sides of the house are good for bedrooms. The west side of the house is best for kids, keeping in mind that children grow quite fast. An east-facing bedroom is best for a newly married couple.

The beds in the children’s room can be in the southwest portion of the room and the heads should face in the east or south direction. As the children tend to spend a lot of time in their rooms try to keep the room free from sharp edges and pointed nooks. According to Vastu shastra any type of pointed thing is going to bring negative energy in the household.

Now let’s take a quick look on how to place the different furnishings according to Vaastu in the children room.
  • Avoid placing a mirror or television directly opposite to the bed. The mirror and the television set when switched off reflects the bed and is a bad omen. If you must have a mirror and a television in the bedroom then have them on either the left or right side of the bed.

  • The door to the children’s bedroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed. Try having them at a separate angel. This aspect should especially be kept in mind when going for the architecture of one place.

  • In the southeast corner of the children room have an uplighter. This brings in positive energy and good health to the household. Also make sure that the center of the room is empty. Don’t ever put furniture in the center of the room.

  • If there has to be small furniture in the children’s room then it should be kept a few inches away from the wall. This will help in saving the positive energies of the body and the mind.

  • The children’s room generally contains a study table. If there’s one in your child’s room then ensure that the child faces the east or the northeast while studying. By facing east the child will have better concentration when studying.

  • If there is a television in the room then keep it in the northwest side of the room. Also if there is a computer, which is quite common, nowadays then have it in the south east corner of the children’s room.
Vastu is not about limitations but making the best use of the space available. Let your children grow in a congenial and comfortable atmosphere. Let your home be the abode to prosperity so that it strengthens the future of your kids.

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