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   DreamHomeDecors > Vaastu For Home >Finding Your Dream Home

Finding Your Dream Home

Finding Dream Home As Per Zodiac Sign

Looking for your dream home is a special dream for each one of us. But do you know that finding your dream home can be much more exciting and fulfilling if you knew what your zodiac sign is secretly wishing from within. Here are twelve dream home types as per your zodiac sign. So, the next time you look for a home, check what you would really fall for.


For the Aries, finding the dream home would be the penthouse. Yes, you really have a taste when it comes to stylish houses. Your personality states that you like to be in charge of things and are happiest when you are working. You like to be on top of things and penthouse gives you a similar feeling. So, when you are looking for a dream home go for penthouse.


Taurus has that rustic element that makes the dream home similar to a ranch home. Since your personality is loyal and always grounded, you like homes that are connected to earth in one way or the other. Rach house goes well with your personality and you are completely at ease and feel safe.


For the Gemini, finding the dream home is all about the cabin. Your personality states that you are versatile, flexible and you would want a place that gives you the comfort to work hard and move about with ease. You would also love to have a three season porch that goes perfectly well with the two sides of your nature.


For the Cancers, the dream home would a suburban two storey where Cancers can peacefully raise their happy and big families and have a comfortable feeling staying there. Cancers are caring, nurturing and comfortable in their surroundings and the two storey home is perfect for them.


Leo love everything that is king size and finding dream home for them is like looking for a palace. Leo personality is confident, charismatic and always the center of everything. Your dream home has to be something that people turn around and say wow and so palace is just the thing you need.


Virgos are extremely organized and meticulous people, loving each big and small challenge coming their way. You really donít mind living in small space and love to do things in your own home in your own way.


Libras are extrovert and love the concept of throwing parties. Finding dream home for you would be anything to do with a pool. They would love pool parties and hang around the pool area with friends.


Scorpios are mysterious and complex people. They are a bit introvert in nature and want to live at least some part of their life in as simple form as possible, like a tent. Traveling, moving around from one place to the other and spending time close to nature is whatís close to their heart. A scorpio will love his tent that he can pack and carry with him.


Sagittarius are fun and very spontaneous people and believe it or not finding dream home for them ends with a treehouse. It may not be the most practical solution for a day to day life, but this is what they truly want.


A Capricorn is a hardworking and practical person. Their dream home is a place that has clean designs with an organized layout. Things work for you when things are in the proper order and a modernist apartment is what they want.


If you meet an Aquarius you would know that he is an idealist and passionate person and loves the world going around him. For him, the perfect home is one that is energy efficient and is as eco-friendly as possible.


Pisces are creative and artistic people. They want quiet and peace where they can get as much alone time as possible. For them a dream home is like a desert villa where they can read, write and draw to their hearts content and also be a part of a close knit community.

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