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   Dream Home Decors >Wall Colors

Wall Colors

Wall colors are one of the simplest ways to give your home a completely new look. With a new color scheme and a bit of experimenting one can have a completely new home in just no time. Most of us feel very hesitant when it comes to trying out new colors. What if the color combination goes all wrong?

But there is a solution for this also. Here are some tips and ideas for selecting the right colors for each room in your house. With the help of these simple suggestions you can transform any dull looking room to a bright and attractive room. Each of these tips are written in a generalized way and it is always better to give it your personal touch. So letís remodeling our homes with some brand new themes, styles and textures for wall colors.

Heighten the Architecture

One of the best ways to color rooms is to focus on the architecture of your home. Every house has moldings, bookcases, arched doorways and the windows and doors provide the opportunity to add some interesting color to them. Like if you paint the doorways and moldings just one shade lighter or darker than the wall color adjacent to it, then it draws the attention giving your room a deeper and more detailed look. Another great tip to add some coloring texture is to provide a metallic glaze above the existing painting layer. If you want to add an element of drama then go for a copper or bronze finish. This will give a very nice shimmer to your to your wall colors.

Getting Bold with Colors

If boldness is going to be your style statement, then try to go for two different colors in the same room. This is also popularly known as color-break. Like if your room has blue wall colors than add a shade of green to a corner of the room. This will give the room a very different and unique look. When working on windows, door and moldings white and off-white are the favorite wall colors.

Add Wainscot to Your Rooms

A wonderful way of providing a contrast between light and dark shades is to have a wainscot. If you have a dark wainscot below a bright wall, it will attract attention to the upper walls and a bright white wainscot just next to a colored wall will give prominence to the wainscot. If you do not have wainscot then you can have paint to create the effect of wainscot by simply adding the bottom third of the wall in one color and the upper walls in another color. Now place a flat molding along the intersection and paint it the color of the lower wall to add to the wainscot look.

Accent Wall Colors

There are some rooms in the house that are simply without any features. The best way to make these rooms attractive is to go for an accent wall. Paint the wall in vivid colors while the rest are white or neutral can add a dramatic and contemporary theme to your home decor. Another way of giving a heightening effect is to paint the primary walls with a soft and subtle color such as light brown or baby green and the accent walls three shades darker than the color. This will make the room look lively and attractive.

Coloring With A Difference

Some rooms in your house need a touch of drama and the best way to do this by taking the big wall in your room and painting it towards the center and leaving around 18-20inch vertical line of white space. So you will have your wall painted in a bold color and the space in between left white. Now hang a piece of artwork down the center to complete the look.

Wall Colors for the Ceiling

Most of the time ceilings are the most neglected part of the room. But when it comes to wall colors, one needs to think of the ceiling as the fifth wall. Generally people prefer to paint the ceiling as white. This gives the room a spacious and airy feel. But the same effect is achieved if you paint your ceiling with the same color as the wall color, but just one or two shades lighter. This will give your room a larger appearance, as we have softened the contrast between the wall color and the ceiling. On the other hand if the room is small like the washroom, then the ceiling can be painted in the same color as the walls. The room will look bigger.

There are thousands of color shades out there. What is simply required is to let your creativity sore as you pick the right shades of wall colors for the right rooms. As you look into the section you will find more tips and ideas to color your walls in an attractive and artistic way.

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