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    Dreamhomedecors > Wall Colors >Bathroom Wall Colors

Bathroom Wall Colors

To say it simply, bathroom is not only about rush hours. It is today as much a style statement as any other room in the house. Modern bathroom fixtures, accessories and wall colors all have redefined the way people think about this private room. So let’s make your bathroom a personal haven where you can relax and wind down after a tiring long day. In this section we will look at the different bathroom wall colors and how it can completely change the way your bathroom appears.

Be Different, Experiment

The bathroom always gives you a scope of doing something different, so that you can have some mood creating elements. To start with decide in advance what kind of a mood you want to create. Do you want it to look modern, traditional or simply casual. We have already taken it that your top priority to have a cool, peaceful and relaxing experience…just like in spas. So what can be the wall colors for the bathroom? For a bold statement one can have a black and white combination right from wall colors to accessories. But if it sounds too masculine, then how about orange and blue colors? Quite fun colors and wonderful look. And these are some color combinations that can’t go for your bedroom also. It gets simply too overpowering.

Traditional Bathroom Colors

Traditional bathrooms generally have a sophisticated but simple look. All the fixtures, accessories and hardware have a classic and enduring appearance. So the wall colors for these types of bathrooms is generally light colors. Go for paints that can be cleaned easily. Go for peach and pink colors for a soft look. If your bathroom is small then paint the ceiling as well with the same color with a shade lighter.

Modern Bathroom Colors

Modern bathrooms believe in contrast. You will find these bathrooms simple and uncluttered. As far as the wall colors are concerned you can select shades that are a total contrast with the accessories of the bath room. Have soft lighting in the room with folded towels, soaps and toiletries all finding individual space. The modern bathrooms generally have bold colors. The latest favorite of the market is dark brown that goes wonderfully well with steel finish accessories. But before incorporating dark wall colors, have adequate lighting so that it doesn’t look like a dungeon.

Casual Bathroom Colors

Casual bathrooms give a wide range to select from. This type of bathroom incorporates different textures and materials maintaining the individuality of every element. So the bathroom wall colors can range from soft pastel shades to satin and semi-gloss finish. However avoid high gloss finish in the bathroom as this may increase condensation.

Select Colors According to Personality

Personality plays a major role while selecting the colors for your bathroom, especially if it is not a family common bathroom but your own private place. So go with what you like. But yes, colors like peach, lemon green and yellow are an absolute no for bathroom. You don’t want a ghostly face staring at you early morning, because these colors will make you look like that. Don’t let the wall colors overpower the clean lines. The reflection in the mirror is about you and not about wall colors. So let the bathroom wall colors stay as a backdrop adding style and elegance to your bathroom.

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