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    Dreamhomedecors > Wall Colors >Wall Color Designs

Wall Color Designs

Wall color designs is an art in itself. Creating the right effect for each room of your house can altogether change the way the entire house appears. Wall colors is not simply putting a paint on the walls but decorating your room along with the furnishings. With the right color you can actually change the shape, size and feel of the room. But how to know the appropriate wall color design for your home and to be rest assured that you will not go disastrously wrong?

Well in this section of wall colors we take care especially of this aspect only. Right from the selection of right color schemes to the latest color trends, everything is revealed right here. But before we start off, one quick tip and i.e. to blend the wall colors to get a pleasing combination for the room.

Color Designs and Schemes

So what is a color scheme? Well to put it simply, wall color designs and schemes are combination of colors to give a pleasant appearance to the room. It is not about the number of colors but the total effect it has. To go about selecting a color scheme, take a close look at the room furnishings. Right from the fabric to the sofa everything has to be kept in mind while going for a particular color. After all you canít go on changing your room decor every time you change the wall color. Other than that your personal preference of colors also play an important role. Take the help of a color wheel to make the correct selection. In the color wheel you will find that the colors next to each other or directly across each other are on the basis of a color scheme. So this can help you in coming up with innovative ideas for unique color designs.

Guidelines for Color Selection

While selecting colors, one needs to follow some simple guidelines to get the effect they are looking for. So letís take a quick look at some tips for getting that dream effect in our homes.

  • Limit your use of colors to two or four.
  • One color should always be dominant as compared to the other colors of the room. Also repeat the color more than once in the room.
  • To camouflage any architectural flaws use neutral colors on the ceiling, wall and doors.
  • To make small rooms appear larger use contrasting color schemes.
  • To give a more spacious feel to the room try to keep the furniture and the wall of the same color.
  • If you want to create a cozy effect in a room, use bright color designs.
  • While selecting the color, decide whether you want the walls or the furnishings to draw attention in the room. You canít have both of them as focal points.
  • If you want to emphasize the accessories, design and furnishings of the room, then keep the wall colors as subtle.
  • If your room has wonderful floor and wall coverings and you want them to be the focal point of the room then the wall color designs should be in neutral shades.
  • If you are going for a one-color scheme in the room then patterns and textures are an absolute must.

Designs and Patterns

Wall color patterns are an artwork in itself. So if you are going for neutral shades of colors then patterns can add to the charm and look of it. Keep in mind that the patterns are of different designs with a common color. If you are using patterns of the same color then it is safe to use as many patterns as you like. Also to create a unique wall color design try patterns of the same color in different sizes. This goes especially well with dots, stripes and checks. However keep in mind that the prints should either be of the same size or one large print and the other small.

So the next time you go about painting your walls keep in mind these useful tips for wall color designs and change the way your home looks.

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